Sushi Tei
Tel: (905) 306 - 9060


Served with miso soup, green salad and rice

SALMON TERIYAKI   –   $18.95

Grilled salmon steak with teriyaki sauce

SPICY CHICKEN   –   $17.95

Stir fried chicken and vegetables with spicy sauce


Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce

BEEF TERIYAKI   –   $18.95

Grilled sirloin with teriyaki sauce

TOFU TERIYAKI   –   $13.95

Crispy tofu, vegetable with teriyaki sauce on sizzling plate


5 pcs. of shrimp tempura

SPICY BULGOGI   –   $17.95

Stir fried sliced beef marinated in special hot sauce


Deep fried shrimps and vegetables

EBI FRY   –   $18.95

Deep fried breaded shrimps, chicken and crab meat

KALBI   –   $27.95

Barbecued beef ribs marinated in special sauce

UNAGI DONBURI   –   $17.95

Barbecued eel over a bowl of rice

KATSU DON   –   $13.95

Breaded pork cutlet, vegetables and egg with sukiyaki sauce over rice

NIKU DONBURI   –   $13.95

Beef, vegetables and egg with sukiyaki sauce over rice

OYAKO DONBURI   –   $13.95

Chicken, vegetables and egg with sukiyaki sauce over rice

DONKATSU   –   $16.95

Breaded pork cutlet

CHICKEN KATSU   –   $15.95

Breaded boneless chicken cutlet

CHEESE DONKATSU   –   $17.95

Breaded pork cutlet with cheese

SUKIYAKI   –   $16.95

Thin tender slices of beef, vegetables, tofu and noodle cooked in sukiyaki stock and served with raw egg on top

TENBANYAKI   –   $18.95

Sizzling seafood and vegetables with special sauce

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